Tracking & management of hardware & software
Management of service level agreements, software licenses & other service contracts
Helps in enforcement of policies & standards
Accounting component including the calculation & depreciation of taxes
Graphical representation of complex & diverse networks & assets on “as built” maps
Configurable workflow engine to gain total control on MAC functions

Reachwell is committed to helping customers receive the maximum benefit from our    best-of- breed    solutions
To this end, we offer a variety of expert services that ensure our products meet your    unique enterprise    and business requirements
There are many direct and indirect benefits, the following slides lists few of them

Standardization & compliance
Non-standard equipment/software cost money
Non-standard IT infrastructure requires more employees to manage
Avoid costly software license violations and overbuys
Employees may be less productive as they are less likely to be experts at managing    non-standard    assets
System can tell an organization the level of compliance with standards

Operational, Monitoring & Control
Explore innovative ways to maximize the return on asset investments through the vast    pool of    information    available from a single repository
Expand asset and personnel productivity, and reduce the costs associated with    managing the  lifecycle of assets
Streamline all processes associated with managing assets, leading to reduced costs    and    productivity improvements
Asset management is a business issue rather than a technology product or concern.    By    analyzing and reporting on diverse information, you can determine everything    you need    to know about every asset in your organization like:

How much it costs
What hardware and software it contains
Who it was purchased from, who is using it
Where it's physically located
Which vendor should be called for support in case of break down
When it should be retired, how it should be disposed etc

Enhance service levels to your users and customers
Minimize help desk support costs and improve efficiencies by maintaining accurate    warranty, maintenance and service level information

Zero day employee provisioning
New employees should have everything necessary to start work and be productive in    place
Includes computer properly set-up & configured with right software, access to    appropriate data, a    phone, &    other devices
When employees leave, equipment should move to decommissioning phase
Available for redeployment

Decision Support
Provide critical information that enables IT, legal, security, service desk, purchasing    and    finance, to    make    critical business decisions
Provides the basis for managing and optimizing your organization's entire asset    portfolio
Scrutinize your burgeoning IT investments and subsequently control costs
Ensure that technology is deployed in support of overall business goals and objectives
Adapt technology plans quickly in response to changing business objectives
Forecast asset depreciation and avoid unexpected write-offs that impact your financial    statements
Reassign assets no longer in use, rather than invest in unnecessary technology
Return leased assets on time, thereby preventing costly penalties and buyouts

More informed purchasing
Simplify the entire procurement process, resulting in reduced costs per PO and    reduced    cycle times
When combined with operational data, asset management system can help in    evaluation of past    purchasing    decisions & assist in better future purchasing    decisions
System can track vendors & provide data about how one vendor performs relative to    another in key    areas    such as delivery, support, etc

Business resumption support
If assets lost through disaster or theft or damage, system can help business resume    operations more    quickly
By knowing what assets are in use and how they are configured, the system contains    data vital to    disaster    recovery


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