Reachwell procurement management suite is a comprehensive state of the art tool to gain complete control over the entire purchasing processes right from creating purchase requests through goods receipt, inspection/acceptance, deployment & retiring the assets.

With reachwell's e-procurement suite you can
Know what the organization is buying
Who is ordering
Which vendors are used

Key Features
The procurement suite will have the following functions which will cover the entire gamut of asset procurement.

Creating Purchase Requests
The system allows creating purchase requests which will be routed through the approvals workflow if approvals are required for the request.
Highlights of the purchase request

A purchase request can have multiple items in it
The indenter can select the items directly from on-line catalogs
The indenter can also use free text for non listed items (Items which are not in the "on-line    catalog")
The indenter can provide "Special Instructions" in the request, for e.g. to specify any variations    in    the standard description of the item
The indenter can attach files (documents) along with the request.
The indenter can select the 1st level authorizers for the request. However this can be controlled    through the workflow engine.
Authorizers for the subsequent levels will be automatically picked from the workflow engine.
The indenter can save his request into a drafts folder.
Effectively the request will not get posted    till the indenter Submits" it. This helps the user to    save    draft copies and submit the requests    later.
The indenter can modify a request during the approval cycle. However he cannot modify the    request once it is approved by everyone in the authorizers list.
If the request is modified then all the authorizations made on the request thus far will be nullified,    a new request # will be generated and will go through all authorizations again.
An email alert will be sent to the immediate authorizers for approvals.

Approve/Authorize Requests
The system will list all the requests which are awaiting authorization from the logged in person
The system will not list the requests which are not yet authorized by the previous level    authorizers    if any
The logged in authorizer will be able to "Approve", "Reject" or Ask for More Details"
An email will be sent to the indenter on any action performed by the Authorizer.
If the request is rejected then the request will be routed back to the indenters "Rejected" folder.    The indenter cannot perform any action on the rejected requests except view only.
If the request is approved then email will be sent to the next level authorizers if there are any    and    the approved request will not be accessible for the authorizer.
The Authorizer will be able to "Ask for More Details". The system will send a notification to the    indenter if the authorizer asks for more info.
The request cannot be modified by the authorizers. However this can be enabled through    customization.

Generate RFQ
The privileged users will be able to generate RFQ's for the approved requests. To generate RFQ's    the user will be able to
List all the approved requests
Select one or more than one request by clicking on the check box and then click "Generate RFQ"    button which will take him to a new screen where he can select the items from the request and    the    corresponding suppliers.
For each item the user can select the suppliers from the list of    authorized and or other (non    authorized) suppliers.
The user can preview the RFQ's before actually generating them
The system will group all the    items for each supplier if there are multiple items for the supplier.
Once the RFQ is submitted then emails will be sent to all the suppliers who have valid email ID's
The user can also print/fax the RFQ's directly from the application.
The indenter will be automatically notified about the RFQ generated for the items which he    indented.

Vendor Quotes
The privileged users will be able to enter the supplier's response, quotations. To enter the quotes    the user will be able to
List all the RFQ's which are yet to receive the quotations
The user can pick-up a RFQ from the list and then select the supplier from whom he has received    the quotes and enter those quotes.

Vendor Comparison
Prepare vendor quotes comparison statement for analysis and procurement committee approval (if required).
Once the vendor comparison statement is prepare you can either send it for committee approval or can release the purchase order directly depending upon the configuration of the system.


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